• Depositions
  • Digital Reporting / Transcription Services
  • Multimedia Depositions with Laptop, Elmo and multi-camera.
  • Special Event Shooting. (i.e. Panel discussions.)
  • Mediation Trial Presentations
  • Editing – Corporate or Personal
  • Consulting
  • Video File conversions
  • Video Synchronization



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Dan - Video

Videographer / Editor / Digital Reporter / Transcription

24 Years in the Industry.

(Multimedia/Complex/Picture in Picture)




Introduced to the Legal Video industry back in 1995, as I was hired as an entry level in-house Videographer at Esquire Video Services (a/k/a Esquire Deposition Solutions).

During my tenure at Esquire I became Certified by the National Court Reporters Association in 1997 (CLVS). I worked my way up to Account Executive and then to Senior Account Executive of Legal Video Sales.

In the summer of 1999 I resigned from E.D.S. to pursue higher interests finishing my tenure at E.D.S. as Assistant Manager.  July of that year I started to operate my own video business company called Premiere Millennium Productions with a small staff with high ambitions.  The company grew quickly serving many prominent Law Firms’ and high end Court Reporting Agencies.

In 2004 I have moved from New York City to Virginia with my family for quality of life reasons. (thought it was time to experience the Country Living.) I retired my NYC office when work in Virginia became more of a full time venture and turned over my NYC operation to trustworthy people who were with me from the beginning. I still maintain a network of  independent Videographers and production capabilities in the NYC to handle local clients requests.

My specialty of trouble shooting or handling very sensitive matters are now handled personally by me in my Virginia location.  I am called on to handle very complex video depositions some including but limited to “Multimedia Depositions” that consist of capturing exhibits from a Live Document Camera  (Elmo) and/or Laptop digital files. It is then projected back in the room for all to see in real-time.

My clients reach out to me on various consulting jobs ranging from business startup , advertising and to specific answers to client requests in various areas around the world.

If a job requires traveling (National to International), I do have experience in this as well as having been abroad to cover work, having recently been to Costa Rica and have working experience in Germany.

A blessing today as to having served and continue to serve many prominent Court Reporting Agencies, Law Firms and Trial Presentation companies now and for over the past 22 years. Rest assured I have the experience necessary to handle your case or specific job.


Why we should work together

  • Very Good understanding of the principles of professionalism and courtesy
  • Good technical skills enable me to use my knowledge in the Legal Environment
  • Ability to conceptualize and think visually
  • Ability to work within a team or alone
  • Over 23 years experience in the Legal Video profession
  • The client comes first attitude
  • Affordable and competitive rates